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Avengers Fanfiction Peter Caught Kissing Mj. Published by on october 31, 2021. Obviously, tony and rhodey knew peter.

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Obviously, tony and rhodey knew peter. Peter thought it would have been safe to bring mj back to tony’s house where he was staying while may was out of town on her girl’s trip. The rest of the avengers come back to the compound, and tony's not too happy.

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So peter shouldn't have been surprised when mj all but slammed three small, white test sticks on the bed next to him. After peter turns down the avengers, he's kidnapped by ross and sent to the raft with the rogues. Angst avengers avengersoneshots blackwidow bucky captainamerica deadpool fluff hawkeye hulk irondad ironman loki mj ned oneshot oneshots peterparker spiderman spiderson tomholland. Peter parker has panic attacks awesome michelle jones peter has to wear a thong under the spidey suit good friend ned leeds aromantic asexual ned leeds lgbtq themes at the end of the infinity war, peter wakes up in his apartment, where he was that morning.