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Escape From Tarkov Vulkan Helmet. Shpm firefighter helmet (shpm) is a headwear item in escape from tarkov. An escape from tarkov head wear is useful for more than just safety.

Prelim .11 Patch Notes EscapefromTarkov
Prelim .11 Patch Notes EscapefromTarkov from

It’s important to consider this before you take part in combat. Cannot be listed for sale on the flea market. The face shield will stop most low tier rifle bullets as well such as m856a1 and bt.

Prelim .11 Patch Notes EscapefromTarkov

32 rows escape from tarkov also features modular helmets that have a number of different. Everyone's thoughts on the new helmet (vulkan) question. This means that options that support headsets are generally central to the tarkov best helmet meta. Altyn vision isn't horrribly obscured, class 5 all around is arguably the best overall protection with high ricochet as well.